Emergency Dental Care Miami Springs | Common Dental Emergencies You Should Be Aware Of

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Dental emergencies can happen to the best of us. Perhaps you broke a tooth while eating an apple or you got into an accident and your mouth is bleeding. When you find yourself dealing with a dental issue, especially when it happened on a weekend, a holiday, or in the middle of the night, you should call your dentist to get Emergency Dental Care Miami Springs. However, while you’re on your way to the emergency dentist, try to check if your situation applies to this list of the most common dental emergencies so you’d know what you can do to prevent further damage to your teeth.

Jaw Pain

If you hurt your jaw in an accident, you need to see your emergency dentist as soon as possible. While waiting, make sure to put some ice on the affected area to prevent your face from swelling. Don’t even attempt to eat solid food until your dentist says it’s okay.

Knocked Out Tooth

Save your tooth so that the emergency dentist can have it reattached. Use water or milk to rinse it off and make sure that its root is intact before you store it safely to keep it moist. Once you see your dentist, he’ll let you know what the best course of action is.

Broken or Cracked Tooth

If this happens to you, you must take over-the-counter meds to manage the pain and lessen your discomfort. You’ll feel better if you’ll use plenty of ice packs to reduce the swelling.

Infected Tooth

If you have a pocket of pus in the tooth that caused the infection, you may have a fever, persistent toothache, swelling in the face, sensitivity to hot and cold, and a bump on your gums surrounding the infected tooth. Any type of oral infection should not be ignored because they can become severe and potentially life-threatening. You need to see the dentist immediately but before you go, use mild salt water to rinse your mouth several times. This will draw the pus to the surface and minimize the pain.

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Where to Get the Best Emergency Dental Care Miami Springs

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